Mariella Martinato sas

Mariella Martinato founded the company in 1980 in Trebaseleghe near Venice after many years of experience in the fashion industry. From the beginning, the company has dedicated itself to the accessories field, specializing in leathergoods. The first years of activity the company manufactured leather accessories exclusively for the most important international luxury brands. With the coming years Mariella Martinato started to design, create and sell her own collections based on the philosophy and experiences made with the past co-operations. So it is through creativity, through attention to details and a continual desire for innovation that the company has been able to give a special appeal to objects meant for everyday use. The line of bags, cosmetic bags, pochettes and beauty cases has always distinguished itself through the meticulous choice of materials, the refinement of the shapes and the craftsmanship of the finishings. Mariella Martinato has always shown a real talent for forerunning upcoming trends, updating its collection constantly with colours and materials that reflect new fashion statements. The arrival of the new generation is now bringing the company to the development of new, innovative and exclusive lines of hand made accessories as a complement to its core business. The company has further distinguished itself by keeping the core manufacturing process internal, guaranteeing the precise control of every step in the process. The co-operation with some italian craftsmen are made to develop particular lines of accessories. These partnerships have been developed in a way to reflect the Mariella Martinato principles, based on manufacturing very high quality and luxurious products. The sales strategy is also a high priority, and the company philosophy is based on the careful selection of clients and distributors who are constantly monitored. The products can be found in the best department stores, perfume shops, concept stores and boutiques in many countries around the world. With the new products, the company wants to consolidate its position and expand into new potential markets. Mariella Martinato wants to convey Italian style and elegance through its refined realizations identified worldwide by the distinctive MM on a unicorn head.